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Ichnusa Eau de Parfum

Ichnusa Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Profumum. The notes of this fragrance are myrtle, fig-tree wood, cut grass


An homage to the unspoiled beauty of Sardinia, an island between Italy and Tunisia. Imagine a long stretch of rugged coastline, the crash of emerald waves against the rocky shore and a hot summer wind stirring up all the tantalizing scents of the amazing Mediterranean flora. The predominant note here is fig ? a warm, dry fig with a deep, satisfying sweetness that mingles with wood, freshly cut grass and sharp myrtle. This smells like the last days of summer , when green has turned to gold and fruit is ripening in the bright sun. Very different from green or milky fig scents, this wild and windswept version is a must-try for all fig lovers.

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