Friday, September 22, 2023
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Hot Milk Eau de Parfum

Hot Milk Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Hilde Soliani. The notes of this fragrance are Milk, hot pepper


What, exactly, is Hot Milk? One sniff and you’ll realize that’s not an easy question to answer. Sure, there’s an intensely electric burst of resinous black pepper, nose-tingling cinnamon, and even an undercurrent of insidiously scalding chili oil, but leave it to Hilde Soliani to balance all of that firepower on top of a pitch-perfect milk note that soothes the spirit and ignites our sense of childhood with a wondrously cool creaminess. And what do those two opposite elements add up to? It seems like each time we put it on our skin, we pick up yet another facet- sometimes the energetic pepper dominates, other times the smooth gourmand aspects, and often still the two synthesize into something that resembles a rich, fascinating woodsiness. What we do know for sure- this is undeniably a Hilde scent.

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