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Hasunoito Parfum

Hasunoito Parfum is a fragrance by Di Ser. The notes of this fragrance are Agarwood (oud), sweet orange, boronia, ylang-ylang, jasmine sambac, lotus, rose


Hasunoito is based on the lotus flower, the symbol of Di Ser and revered throughout Japan, India, and most Eastern Asian countries for its spiritual significance. The oil of both white and pink lotus is so costly and rare that Di Ser has chosen to focus mostly on the abstract idea of a lotus blossom shooting up through the soil, displaying the duality of strength and softness so characteristic of the flower.
And indeed, the first half of the perfume puts forth a convincing portrait of earth. The specific type of agarwood used here smells like cold, damp clay, with a fuzzy golden haze of something medicinal, like flowers dipped into an antiseptic ointment. Boronia absolute, used only in the most luxurious of all-natural perfumery, lends a fresh, spicy-fruity accent, like purple berries doused in wintergreen and clove. Despite the presence of lotus, rose, ylang, and jasmine, nothing about this perfume reads as floral in tone; rather, it smells like a pleasantly earthy, spicy tea filtered through hospital gauze. Arresting, different, and ultimately kind of addictive, Hasunoito is for people who wish to access higher planes of spirituality without going through the more hackneyed route of incense and flowers.

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