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Harmatan Noir Eau de Toilette

Harmatan Noir Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by Pierre Guillaume Paris, Parfumerie Generale. The notes of this fragrance are aromatic dry woods, dried flowers, herbs, cedar, dried jasmine, citrus, mint


Named after the legendary harmattan wind, the dry, dusty tyrant of the desert which is both feared…and welcomed. Humid, moist air is swept away by the harmattan and replaced with cooler, dryer air, a feat perfectly captured in this magical perfume of the dunes. It’s a breath of the sub-Saharan sunset…spices mixing on the searing, dry wind mingled with dried jasmine, dusty wood and salt. And then, the cooling comes…in the form of soaring, sweet mint tea. It’s absolutely impossible to smell this amazing fragrance without being spirited away on desert winds to a cool, mint-scented oasis. An unforgettable and fragrant journey to a sunset amidst the dunes.

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