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Hallucinogenic Pearl Eau de Parfum

Hallucinogenic Pearl Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by A Lab on Fire. The notes of this fragrance are Ambrette, bergamot, pink pepper, violet, orris, iriseine, suede, blonde woods, musks


While no serious fragrance enthusiast would ever question the luxuriousness of orris butter- the rich, earthy-creamy depth, the papyrus-like smoothness- it’s fair to ask a simpler question: is it any fun? Alas, such sophistication sometimes comes at a cost, which is often freshness, light, or spontaneity. Perhaps that’s why we love Hallucinogenic Pearl so much- preternaturally light-on-its-feet, it’s an orris-based stunner that deploys fresh musks and smooth leather to conjure up a higher, happier plane of existence where orris is not only sophisticated, but sparkling. Awash in vintage radiance, we feel warmth, light, and deeply sexy leather smoothness all flowing together, so comforting and seductive that it’s no effort at all to surrender to its power and slip into the cosmic groove.

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