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Glass Blooms Eau de Parfum

Glass Blooms Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Regime des Fleurs. The notes of this fragrance are Riesling grape, muguet, tea rose, peony, ylang ylang (from Nosy Be island) sandalwood, tonka bean absolute, ambrette and musk


“[These] flower petals look as if they’d quiver at the nearby buzzing of a bee. As botanical specimens they can be admired; as glass replicas, they are wondrous.” ? Edward Rothstein, cultural critic, on the 19th-century botanical studies of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka at Cambridge
A delicate floral constructed to celebrate the beauty of fragility, Glass Blooms is every bit as intricately constructed as the faux petals of its namesake. Softly juicy white grape opens into satin-smooth florals, played at a deliberate low hum, rich, sweet and whisper-quiet. Smooth, comforting musk rolls in like the caress of fog, weightless and gentle. Like the silent ghost of a once-grandiose floral, Glass Blooms is an object of fascination and vulnerable beauty.

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