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Forty Thieves Eau de Parfum

Forty Thieves Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Fort & Manle. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, pink pepper, petitgrain, incense, labdanum, papyrus, rose, honey, orange blossom, amber, sandalwood, oud, vanilla, balsam


From dusk ??til dawn, a vast desert land, Camel caravans through the golden sand. Among the Bedouins they would retreat, Surrounded by tea, spices and delicacies to eat.A warm breeze carries the incense smoke, Laughter around the shisha as they joke. At nightfall, they return to their coveted treasure, Hidden in a cave, it’s a sight of pleasure.?Open Sesame??, enter if you please, To the mystical tale of the Forty Thieves.
The latest in Fort & Manle’s stunning slate of gorgeous, idiosyncratic fragrances, Forty Thieves is a sweet, lush, mouthwatering gem of a scent that weaves as dashing a tale as the original legend of Ali Baba himself. Vivid bursts of juicy bergamot and crackling pink pepper evoke the swirling oasis of the legendary hidden cave, while a richly resinous floral heart suggests the untold treasures that lay within. A robustly balsamic base boasts sensusal warmth, combining the comfort of vanilla with the deep mysteries of oud, resulting in the unique balance of delightful wearability and utter originality that seems to distinguish every Fort & Manle scent. At the risk of overstating the theme, Forty Thieves is undeniably worth its weight in gold.

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