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EO No. 1 EdP Eau de Parfum

EO No. 1 EdP Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Ensar Oud. The notes of this fragrance are rose, oud, leather, tobacco, tea

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When Ensar released Sultan Leather Attar to overwhelming acclaim, he realized something- that even outside of his extraordinary pure oudh and sandalwood oils, fragrance connoisseurs were starving for rich, evocative blends that defy conventional trends. But to make an Eau de Parfum utilizing his unprecedented collection of exquisite natural materials, avoiding cheap, easy to use synthetics, was a major risk. Still, the people were calling out for an EDP. And now, here we are.
And what does an all-natural Ensar Oud EDP smell like? We’re sure you can imagine it involves oud and leather, and boy does it- a blend containing such jaw-dropping materials as bright, clean, powerful $2,500/3gr Kyaratul Mustafa oud oil, 13-year-aged wild Hainan sinensis extract, and precious, carefully aged rose oil from Sultan Qaboos’s private collection. The results are wonderfully rich, the oud and leather sing of power and sophistication, the rose a perfectly lush counterpart adding romantic depth. There’s no barnyard funk to be found here, just the type of elegantly masculine warmth that a lady of style could also wear with aplomb. A luxurious flacon adorned with real, naturally tanned, pure full-grain Italian leather completes the vision. EDPs like this don’t come around anymore- don’t miss your chance to experience one.

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