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Eleventh Hour Eau de Parfum

Eleventh Hour Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by BYREDO. The notes of this fragrance are Ban timmur pepper, bergamot, carrot seed, rum, wild fig, tonka bean, cashmere woods


It seems funny to say this, but Eleventh Hour is not the first fragrance we’ve carried based on the end of the world. It is, however, still quite a novelty- the first fragrance ever to feature an astonishing new note- Ban Timmur, a Nepalese plant related to Szechwan pepper, known for both intense, almost anesthetic spice but also unusually bright, citrussy tones. Don’t worry if it’s hard to imagine- the utterly unique note is the very first thing you’ll smell on your initial spray, a combination of juicy citrus and sweet, spicy, clovelike tones for a note both thrillingly novel, but also possessed of a certain familiar holiday-spice styled comfort. The heart it leads into is every bit as original- spicy, earthy carrot seed set against sweetly seductive rum and juicy, wild fig. Warm, smooth tonka dominates the drydown, but the real wonder of 11th Hour is the pervasiveness of the Ban Timmur, lending the fragrance the sweet, rich spiciness of an opulent oriental scent, but with a distinctively fresh energy that lasts into the drydown.
According to Byredo, featuring an ingredient from the imposing Nepalese highlands is a statement on the kind of inhospitable places humanity may eventually be forced to survive as ocean levels rise. Heavier stuff than a perfume description can necessarily grapple with, to be sure, but at least now we know that when the end of the world arrives, we’re going to be smelling great, really, really, great.

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