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Doe in the Snow Eau de Parfum

Doe in the Snow Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by 4160 Tuesdays. The notes of this fragrance are Grapefruit, cedrat, yuzu, peach aldehyde, snow, cedarwood, rose, jasmine, oak, opoponax, oakmoss, leather, green tea absolute.


The beauty of Sarah McCartney’s playful, inventive creations lies in the specificity by which they’re often created- inspired as she is by unique people, stories and requests, her scents are often more than a little out there- but they’re never boring. Doe in the Snow, created for a customer’s wintertime wedding, had a seemingly conflicting mission statement- make a big, fruity, mossy ??60s/??70s-style chypre, but make it ??cold.’ The results are striking- ??citrus fruits, flowers and woods, stirred with an icicle.?? There’s plenty of brightness from the grapefruit, yuzu and cedrat, but the cool, mossy leather notes and the sparkle of the aldehydes give a crisp chilliness to the light that feels like the sun rising across a frozen lake. Do you love the profile of big, vintage fragrances, but are uncomfortable with the idea of your scent entering the room before you do? Doe in the Snow lets you have it both ways. Graceful, yet practical, it’s the casually opulent scent you never realized you needed.

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