Friday, June 2, 2023
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Diamond Perfume Oil

Diamond Perfume Oil is a fragrance by Sage. The notes of this fragrance are Indian sandalwood, amber, musk


The Diamond – the strongest substance known to man – known for clarity, resilience, and exquisite timeless beauty. Sage had waited for over a decade to approach this most iconic stone and translate it into scent – waiting for the right materials, the right moment. And finally, it has come – the scent itself is shimmering and clear, acting as its namesake to conduct both light and heat, and reflect the wearer’s true beauty. With the sheerest base notes blending together to create this scent, both soft and warm, we experience the subtle hint of Indian sandalwood, white crisp amber, clean oceanic musk – and a touch of rain, dew on the skin at morning – letting the light in.

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