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Cuir de Chine Eau de Parfum

Cuir de Chine Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Les Indemodables. The notes of this fragrance are Chinese osmanthus absolute 1%, Chinese osmanthus?alcoolat?? Grand Cru 10%, Turkish?tabac blond?? absolute .2%, Alpine clary sage


In Les Ind√©modables’ Cuir de Chine (??Chinese Leather??), the usually delicate, apricot-faceted osmanthus note is boldly paired with a beautifully fresh and realistic tobacco leaf to create an accord.
The result? Delicate yet assertive, classic yet modern, light as spring yet redolent of a tobacconists’s leather-and-wood scented atelier, Cuir de Chine is a seamless balancing act of opposites that smoothly draws you into its elegant, romantic world that almost incites visions of sepia-tinted daguerreotype photographed flowers.
As Cuir de Chine dries down and continues to bloom on skin, the oscillation between fresh and funky continues apace, as a fatty and indolic jasmine and bright herbal clary sage echo the osmanthus and tobacco leaf pairing to create what almost smells like an aromatic Chinese tea softened with milk, or curiously, even perfume-scented money.
There’s no doubt everyone’s skin will highlight a different aspect of this paradoxical perfume, but one thing is for sure?? it will smell amazing.

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