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Crystal Pistil Eau de Parfum

Crystal Pistil Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by D.S. and Durga. The notes of this fragrance are orange flower water, dew-on-petals, pink pepper, crystalized flower parts, Paradisone, jasmine water, civettone, white musks, ambrette seeds


D.S. & Durga takes the guessing game out of layering scents and offers us an easy solution to punch up any fragrance. The second release of their “fragrance enhancers, ” these are a fun way to start experimenting with wearing multiple perfumes at a time. But don’t let the tagline fool you- these are every bit their own stand alone fragrances, addictively sheer but with enough presence to have strangers stopping you to ask, “what’s that you’re wearing?”
The fragrance is a soft crystalline perfume that highlights the humid parts inside of a flower. A modern dewy orange blossom water inspired by the memory of a more traditional orange blossom water sprinkled in the air in a market on the back streets of Fez in Morocco. Crystal Pistil delivers a fresh aquatic floral vibe that lasts in all its crystalline glory.

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