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Coze Eau de Parfum

Coze Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Pierre Guillaume Paris, Parfumerie Generale. The notes of this fragrance are canapa sativa seed oil, pepper, pimento, coffee, ebony wood, chocolate, bourbon vanilla pods


Sweetly dark and definitely dangerous, Cozé’s base notes are ebony wood, dry chocolate and bourbon vanilla pods…just thought we’d warn you in case there was any sort of spontaneous swooning when you apply it. Intended as a men’s scent (but we think of it more as a unisex perfume), Cozé is the first to feature Indian canapa sativa seed oil, otherwise known as hemp. PG has the exclusive rights to this new extraction of the oil, which presents itself as a captivating rich, warm, super spicy wood. Heating things up are a pulsating pepper, pimento and coffee, fused with the aforementioned chocolate and vanilla. A dark nectar of the gods.

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