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Cigar Rum Intense Extrait de Parfum

Cigar Rum Intense Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Strangers Parfumerie. The notes of this fragrance are raisin, coffee, copaiba, cinnamon, dried fruits (prune and cherry), rum absolute, mandarin, amber, tobacco, oakwood, vetiver, resins, labdanum absolute, tea rose, leather, seaweed absolute


If you loved the original Cigar Rum but longed for more heft, more richness….more everything ? then the Extrait version, Cigar Rum Intense, is for you. Sculpting the original’s bright, punchy booze-and-tobacco into a new and more mature direction, Cigar Rum Intense leans on a dark, resinous coffee absolute, a dash of cinnamon, and a strong aquatic note to mark itself out as a different animal.
Compared to its predecessor, Cigar Rum Intense is altogether a more muscular affair, an injection of briny radiance lifting and hoisting the richly spicy tobacco, booze, and dried fruit accords over the last mile. It lasts forever. Surprisingly, Cigar Rum Intense also smells fresher; a rugged, outdoorsy version of the casual island bar vibe of the original. In the far drydown, a gorgeously silky, masculine-leaning musk emerges, shot thrown by the spicy ??bay rum’ bitterness of copaiba, a greenish-gold tree resin native to Brazil. While Cigar Rum is for the young buck, let’s say that Cigar Rum Intense is for the man (or woman) who has arrived at the top and isn’t afraid to signal it.

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