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Chypre Mousse Eau de Parfum

Chypre Mousse Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Oriza L. Legrand. The notes of this fragrance are Wild mint, clary sage, wild fennel, green shoots, oakmoss, galbanum, angelica, fern, wild clover, violet leaves, vetiver, pine needles, oak moss, mushroom, humus, roasted chestnut leather, labdanum.


After the first rainfall in September, nature exude scents of humus, peat and wetland. This is the time for a promenade in the woods to enjoy the freshness after the heat of summer. Autumn encourages us to contemplate, to observe nature that gently prepares us for the coming winter and its frostbite. The mossy paths, precious jewels of the undergrowth, are brightened by the last rays of sun. Chypre Mousse evokes in us our surrounding nature, which soon will be covered by the first fall of snow. The smell of damp undergrowth; scorched leaves and the scent of moss before picking mushrooms and chestnuts. Launched in 1914, Chypre Mousse is a fresh yet balsamic scent that is still fascinating 100 years later.
Bottle comes as a splash with an atomizer spray included in the box.

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