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Blu Perfume Oil

Blu Perfume Oil is a fragrance by Bruno Acampora. The notes of this fragrance are Tuberose, Orange, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang


A brilliant take on tuberose that makes the most of her persistent, extravagantly feminine, take-no-prisoners beauty. An extraction of the very heart of tuberose ? creamy, lush and intense ? is brightened with a fresh fizz of orange and warmed with soothing sandalwood. Overtly girlish at the beginning, Blu mellows into something otherworldly and dreamlike — it feels like you are floating in tropical water, with the sounds of the real world muffled and distant. The tuberose never fades away or becomes overwhelming, but steadily holds it’s pure, bell-like note as you drift away on the glittering aquamarine sea. This perfume oil is tinted the brilliant blue of its inspiration, the sea at Capri. Bewitchingly lovely.

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