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Black Prestigium Eau de Parfum

Black Prestigium Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Mancera. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, orris, spices, patchouli, rose, violet, oud, cedar, gaiac, sandalwood, amber, leather, white musk


An intoxicating combination of a woodsy chypre scent mixed with an intense floral leather, Black Prestigium has the self-assured sophistication and stylish presence of old-world royalty. Asserting itself from the very opening with an indulgently rich dose of orris blended with patchouli and bergamot that emphasize both fresh and earthy tones, Black Prestigium quickly adds a deep floral heart to the equation, with lush rose and sweet violet atop deep, vibrating woodsiness. As smoky oud and leather join the ever-increasing symphony, the orris continues to shine, each sniff revealing a new dance partner that accentuates a different element of this astonishing natural ingredient. The results are breathtakingly diverse, yet utterly cohesive. A fragrance for special people and special occasions, Black Prestigium may be Mancera’s most opulent fragrance yet.

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