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Bay Rum Cologne

Bay Rum Cologne is a fragrance by Gilbert Henry. The notes of this fragrance are Bay rum, citrus, ylang ylang, clove, exotic sandalwoods. Click Here For Directions ×Close Bay Rum by Gilbert Henry Directions Natural contents will settle. Shake gently before using.


This cologne is made with the same great essential oil blend as the corresponding Bay Rum aftershave balm, but at a higher concentration. This is a Bay Rum that lasts. Not because of sheer strength, but because each essential oil was carefully selected to enhance the characteristics of its key ingredient, essential oil of Bay Rum (pimenta racemosa). The bay rum is blended with citrus and ylang ylang to bring out a bit of sweetness, a touch of clove for added spice, and a base of exotic sandalwoods for warmth and increased longevity of the fragrance.

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