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Aran Parfum

Aran Parfum is a fragrance by PRIN. The notes of this fragrance are Goat hair, leather, frankincense, civet, castoreum, oakmoss, saffron, fir balsam, jasmine, jatamansi, cardamom, nagarmotha, tobacco, vetiver, mushroom, oud, sandalwood


From the Thai for “forest, ” Aran is an enchantingly dark voyage into a dense fantasyland teeming with both creatures and plants never before seen. Beneath a lush green canopy, a leather scent of unparalleled animalism lurks, with potent doses of civet and castoreum intensified by an actual goat hair extract- animalic lovers, this may be a new holy grail. But the raw carnality is exquisitely balanced against both the wild, herbaceous, and earthy green notes and a potent, spiritual incense- rich, warm, and uplifting. In its blend of natural and supernatural, flora and fauna, comfort and danger, Aran is like ancient folklore made wearable- a scent with deep mythic power.

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