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A Rose For… Eau de Parfum

A Rose For… Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Floris London. The notes of this fragrance are Darjeeling tea, incense, cassis, red rose, orris, oud, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla


Every rose is beautiful in its own special way; every novel combination of species, vintage and terroir combines to produce a rose with a scent all its own, not to mention a meaning and emotional impact unique to its lucky recipient. It’s with this in mind that Floris has given us A Rose For, an utterly unique oriental rose scent built upon a sweeping, sumptuous bouquet of warm, deep Moroccan rose absolute and lush, rich Bulgarian rose oil. Balancing both the exquisite delicacy and intense power of the rose, A Rose For opens with an exotically fresh blend of tea, incense and cassis before making way for the complexity of the floral blend. A melange of spices and woodsy notes unfolds differently on everyone, coaxing out an unpredictably beautiful blend of smooth and vibrant that surprises even as it delights. And to truly drive home the individuality, each bottle of A Rose For comes with a gold calligraphy pen, for you to add your own name to the label and make your version of this exquisite floral a special edition of one.

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