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1681 Eau de Parfum

1681 Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Carthusia. The notes of this fragrance are Tangerine, bergamot, coriander, thyme, rosemary, iris, neroli, lavender, petitgrain, black pepper, sandalwood, cedarwood, frankincense, ambergris, vanilla, musk


“The island of Capri in 1681. Under the reign of Charles II of Spain and the Bishop of Anacapri, fatalism, battles, brutal pirate attacks and intrigues within the church dominate everyday life. And yet, in the newly re-opened Carthusian monastery, germinate the seeds of a significant new era.”
In 1681, shortly after the reconstruction of the local monastery, the Carthusian monks of Capri began with the production of scented water which they create using the help of herbs and spices from the local environs. Tradition, craftsmanship, and natural processing play a central role in the fragrances which are based, even to this day, on essences and aromas from this idyllic Mediterranean island.
Unique values flow into the new composition of Carthusia and unite with a variety of intensive and iridescent impressions: 1681 a multi-faceted fragrance of exquisite complexity. This extremely elegant and distinctive fragrance opens with top notes of mandarin, bergamot and rosemary. The heart of lavender and black pepper flows slowly into a base of long-lasting incense and cedar.
1681 possesses great appeal and fascinates with its soft intensity. The symbolic name enshrines itself in the mind and leaves an indelible mark that only a fragrance with a glorious past can become a real classic.

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