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Dior Hydra Life Plumping Mask

Dior Hydra Life Plumping Mask
Dior Hydra Life Plumping Mask

A more plump complexion thanks to Dior Hydra Life Plumping Mask

Dior is a brand synonymous with luxury and elegance. What is more, if it has been able to obtain such notoriety, it is quite simply because it never spares the resources in terms of research. In this sense, Dior has developed a new skincare range called Hydra Life. This combines many natural benefits to give your skin a second youth. In this sense, Dior offers you to offer more bounce to your skin thanks to the Hydra Life Plumping Mask.

The active ingredients contained in the Hydra Life Plumping Mask

The Hydra Life Plumping Mask is a dermatologically tested treatment that respects the skin and nature. This contains many plant extracts and in particular white pine oil. This ingredient helps soothe sensitive skin and provides continuous comfort. Likewise, for more efficiency, this oil is associated with a very nourishing vegetable cocktail. This contains shea butter, jojoba oil and glycerin. Thus, the Hydra Life Plumping Mask has an unusual plumping effect. It immediately makes the skin plump, smoother and more beautiful day after day. This is applied to previously washed skin. It should then be left to stand for just three minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Likewise,

The benefits proven by Dior

Of course, Dior has tried to demonstrate the many benefits provided by the Hydra Life Plumping Mask. Thus, dermatological tests have made it possible to establish visible results just after its application . In addition, the skin seems to gain 41% nutrition. Likewise, the smoothed effect of the face increases by 31% and its plump appearance by 29%. What’s more, these spectacular results are further accentuated after a month of regular use. At this moment, the nourished aspect of the skin gains 55%, its smoothness increases by 39% and its suppleness by 38%.


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