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Bella perfume set by Nina Ricci

Bella perfume set by Nina Ricci
Bella perfume set by Nina Ricci

Bella by Nina Ricci reveals herself in a new box set

Bella is the name of Nina Ricci’s new heroine. If Nina once embodied tenderness, Bella seems to be her extreme opposite. Sexier than ever and a bit sassy, ​​she doesn’t hesitate to spice up your daily life! Bella is by far the most indomitable of the Belles de Nina trio. Bold and rebellious, she will stop at nothing, nevertheless preserving all the poetry of her elders. If Bella wants to be more sassy, ​​she is no less elegant. Already on the strength of its success with women, this time it gives us its innate charisma in a brand new box.

Bella, a greedy princess

Bella by Nina Ricci takes us, like her predecessors, into a true fairy tale. Now, what better way to awaken our child’s soul than by playing in the register of gluttony? In its floral wake floats a tangy flavor. Bella is all at the same time: femininity, carefree and sensuality. Rhubarb is the major ingredient in this fragrance. It is associated with a fresher and vegetal breath of mandarin. Bella’s romance, meanwhile, resurfaces with a chord of rose jelly and freesia. White musk leaves behind a feeling of intense purity. Finally, vanilla gives it a more sulphurous scent.

Bella’s bottle, symbol of the forbidden fruit

As always, Nina Ricci presents her perfume to us in a bottle similar to the forbidden fruit. Bella incorporates a small apple-shaped bottle. This one seems to have fallen directly from a magic tree. If Nina was pink and Luna was blue, this time Bella is all tinted with green, the color of hope. Pop and magnetic, this container is a witness to all the irreverence of the Nina Ricci woman. Its fiery color is associated with a few gold leaves that rustle under the legs of a ladybug. The little animal becomes the lifelong accomplice of this new heroine. The rendering of this new bottle is at the same time feminine, daring and magical.

Bella’s pop box

Bella by Nina Ricci returns this time in a new box set . This one is fully in the register of pop-art and is the work of the Italian artist Olimpia Zagnoli. Known for her graphic style and a touch of retro, she is a real star in her field, having already been exhibited and published all over Europe and the United States. This time, she draws us a portrait of a young woman holding Bella’s bottle in her hand. Nina Ricci’s box set revolves around green and white colors, while embellishing with a few touches of yellow and red. Inside, it contains two products from the range: Bella’s 50ml spray with Nina Ricci Lipstick.


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